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The TANG international peer-to-peer payment app allows quick airtime top-up from the US to anyone in the Philippines. All you need is their mobile phone number and your airtime arrives instantly. Also stay tuned for our money transfer service, coming soon!


With top-notch security measures in place, you can rest assured that your airtime and money will be transferred safely and securely.


The TANG app allows you to find your loved ones’ cellphone numbers easily via your cellphone’s contact list - making sending airtime seamless

About Us

Our Story

We started the TANG app with the goal of creating a simpler, safer, convenient, and cheaper way to send phone credit and money back home in an otherwise lengthy and expensive process.

Our Vision

TANG means, Transact and go. We use the most innovative payment rails to provide our users in the US and the Philippines with seamless transfer of phone credit and money.  

Our Technology

Sending phone credit or money should be as easy as sending a text message regardless of where you are, what your income level is, and in what currency you earn or spend.


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