At TANGapp, we’re dedicated to promoting global financial inclusion, starting with the Philippines.

A photo of Rebecca and her tita

Meet Rebecca and her Tita Baby

“My tita, or aunt, is an OFW. We started TANGapp so she, and millions of other OFWs, have a simpler, safer, quicker, and cheaper way to send money back home in an otherwise lengthy and expensive process. Sending money to the Philippines should be as easy as sending a text message regardless of your location, income level, or currency. And that’s how TANGapp seeks to help people like my tita.
—  Rebecca Kersch, Founder & CEO
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Who we are

Our diverse team is made up of people from around the world, united by our common passion for financial inclusion.

We’re engineers, product managers, designers, marketers, compliance specialists, and much more, all working closely together to build the financial tool of the future for the millions worldwide who are still unbanked.

TANGapp careers

Our team is constantly growing and innovating, and we’re having fun while doing it. Apply to join us!
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